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Glass Phase Separator

SUPER manufactures different types of phase separators, both vertical and horizontal type, with PTFE adjustable overflow valve for phase separation. Vertical phase separators can be supplied with graduations. The separators are mounted on Stainless Steel tubular structure and provided with wheels for mobility. The separators are provided with drain valves for draining of the vessel totally and line valves for the two different phases.


Separator vessel - Borosilicate glass
- 100 liter overall capacity
- 450 mm diameter x 1200 mm
Adjustable overflow valve - PTFE DN 100
Drain valve for heavy phase - Borosilicate glass straight through
Valve for lighter phase off take - Borosilicate glass straight through
Supporting structure - Stainless Steel pipes and components
Optional - Available in different capacity, 10 lit, 20 lit, 50 lit etc