Glass Columns and Internals

  • Glass Columns (Diameter – 2” upto 32”)

  • Column Packings:

  • 1. Random Packings
  • - Raschig Rings (MOC – Borosilicate Glass / PTFE)
  • - Paul Rings (MOC – Borosilicate Glass / PTFE)

  • 2. Structure Packings
  • - Structured Packings (MOC – Ceramic / Borosilicate Glass / PTFE)

  • Packing Supports and Retainers

  • Liquid Distributor and Re distributors

  • Column Feed Sections:
    (For liquid and gaseous feeds)

Glass Columns manufacturers

  • Super Scientific manufactures world-class glass columns for both internal and external uses. We have an in-house team that selects the best material to make the internal and external glass columns. Therefore, we make a large number of the sturdy glass columns in India. Being one of the prime glass columns manufacturers of India, we have been making sturdy and reliable columns since years.

  • Both internal and external Glass Columns are used in a wide range of industries. They are mostly used various chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our team at Super Scientific understands the importance as well as the purpose of internal and external glass columns, hence, we make the best quality glass columns in India. We are one of the primary glass columns manufacturers in India because of a plenty of reasons.

  • Almost all the glass columns that we make are apt for the use. Also, just like all of us scientific products, they are easy to clean and maintain as well. Additionally, glass columns are comparatively expensive, thus, we make sure that we deliver solid glass columns that are meant to last for a very long time. Also, Super Scientific’s internal and external glass columns have an extremely high long service life. And, they have a super smooth surface.

  • We make products in our highly advanced facility using the best technology and techniques. So, if you want to buy topnotch glass columns then please contact out team of experts. You may want to explore our website to see all our products and their features as well.