Bromine Recovery Plant

Bromine being a highly reactive material, finds wide applications in many Chemical Industries like, Organic Intermediates, Dyestuffs, Agrochemical, Fire retardants etc.

Bromine can be recovered from :

  • Industrial Bromides (NaBr, KBr, HBr.)

  • Bittern

Aqueous Bromide solution is reacted with chlorine vapour in reaction column. The Chlorine liberates elemental bromine from the dissolved bromide. This is stripped out by live steam feed from the bottom of column.

Crude bromine is then distilled to get Bromine purity of minimum 99.5%. The solution is not always so simple though, as feeds are often containmated with organic material from process. These organic impurities have to be removed by pre-treatment before feeding to the plant.

Typical plant consists of stripping column, Heat Exchangers Phase Separator, Purification Column collection pot, Reboiler, Scrubber with associated Glass Piping and Fittings. All wefted components are made from Borosilicate glass and PTFE which are corrosion resistant even at elevated temperature.

Bromine Recovery Plants manufacturers

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